J.D. Beam Services

Team Build

Team Build is the process that has been refined from what was known as the “Design Build” contracting method that was first introduced in the 1970s.  In the Design Build process, the Owner hired the General Contractor who in turn hired the Architect and any other designers required to deliver a completed project.  Utilizing J. D. Beam, Inc.’s Team Build approach, the issue of who works for whom is not important.  The importance is that all members of the team are involved early and are integral to the design process and the construction of the project.  Early involvement of all the team members insures understanding of the end results required for the Owner to have a successful project.  In the Team Build delivery system the Owner, Architects, Engineers and General Contractor collaborate to establish the project program and financial goals at the project onset, often before any drawings have been developed.  During the preliminary design stage there is discussion of all design elements, material selections and building systems.  These discussions allow for the past experiences of the entire team to be used to more efficiently produce project concepts and budgets that are for projects that have particularly complicated specialty work or have exceptionally short schedules, suppliers and subcontractors affected by those constraints are often consulted early as well.  When all the parties get involved early, the project becomes more integrated and has much better coordination.