J.D. Beam Services

Pre-Construction Services

Our pre-construction services initially focus upon providing accurate budgets based on the plans available at each stage of the design process.  In order to provide superior pre-construction services, we integrate J.D. Beam’s estimating and management team into the design process by attending all preliminary programming and design meetings for the project.  These meetings provide our team valuable insight into the project objectives, the owner’s expectations for the project’s intended use as well as the level of finishes desired.  We have found in the past that this level of interaction between the owner, Architect, Engineers and General Contractor significantly reduces any communication misunderstanding on the project.  The additional interaction early in the process allows the project to be viewed from all sides, evaluating the end users requirements, design elements, constructability and of course the overall economic goals for the project.

Construction Budget.  Cost management begins during the design stage by providing the project team with our analysis of different types of building systems.  This typically includes alternatives in building structures, exterior skin components, finish selections and building services (plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems).  An initial component budget is established early in the project design programming so the Owner will have the information necessary to make informed decisions and to steer the project team to achieve their objectives in the most expedient and cost effective manner.  Starting with the preliminary design and continuing to the completed construction documents, J.D. Beam provides the team with updated construction estimates as needed to identify any potential areas that might need to be addressed with the project team because of cost or constructability issues.

Value Engineering.  J.D. Beam’s approach to value engineering involves understanding the owner’s intent for the project, analyzing the Architect’s drawings and providing the Owner with a list of options that might be incorporated into the Architect’s design.  We will research the suitability and application of specific components to this project, considering both durability and life cost analysis.  All studies are researched and evaluated then provided to the project team for review, consideration and team approval.

Constructability Issues.  Constructability is defined as the optimum use of construction knowledge and experience in planning, design and field operations to achieve project objectives.  Constructability reviews can have a tremendous impact on overall construction cost, management and quality of installation.  Our experienced estimating, project management and field staff will review the construction documents at various stages of completion to ensure practicality of installation and coordination between the trades.  As items are identified, our staff will promptly advise the design team of our findings and assist in finding a solution.  These constructability reviews focus on the identification of construction details that may be excessively expensive, extremely difficult to construct or coordinate.  The constructability reviews made during our pre-construction phase services will result in greater efficiency in the field and a savings to the final costs.  We believe that these constructability reviews also lead to fewer requests for information (RFI), improved quality, efficient construction schedules, and superior coordination of the documents which in turn reduces the owner’s exposure to costly changes and delays.